Concrete Hero LA- Urban Obstacle Course Challenge

When: Sunday July 14, 2013

What the what?

“Leap over parked cars in the traffic jam from hell.  Scale the “Hollywood Sign” with thousands of your closest friends.  Come face to face with the city’s elements like you’ve always wanted, it’s gonna be tough, it’s even gonna be kick-ass.  But make no mistake, this event isn’t just for extreme athletes or gym-junkies, it’s for anyone who wants to challenge themselves for a great cause.  So prove yourself in the chip-timed competitive 5 mile challenge with over 10 awesome obstacles.”

We have about 10 people registered already!  For more information on how to to register and join our “Paradiso Crossfit Team”, visit

It’s for a good cause!!

Join the city-wide movement to support AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) and improve the lives of people affected by the disease.  APLA takes their mission to the streets of LA everyday to help over 60,000 people living with HIV/AIDS in our city.


Go team!!

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