More squatting.

Wednesday, July 3rd 2013


– 2 Rounds – 
Monster Walk, 10 steps each direction
Bird Dogs, 15 reps each side
Good Mornings w/ Bar, 5 reps
Pause Back Squat w/ Bar, 5 reps. 

Smolov Squat Cycle: 

High Bar Back Squat 7X5 @ 75%, rest at least 2 minutes

Notes:  This will be time intensive.  We have provided an advanced Conditioning option below that is a bit shorter and more conducive to this programming.


Classic Strength: 

High Bar Back Squat: 5X3  Quick down, pause at the bottom for 5 seconds, 

Notes: For each rep, quick descent, 5 counts (seconds) in the rock bottom, bounce and quick back up. 

Classic Conditioning:

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 rep rounds of:
Front Squat 155/115/75
Abmat Sit-up
-18 minute cut off- 

Advanced Conditioning:

8 minute Amrap:
25 Double Unders
20 Jumping Lunges
15 Lateral Box Jump Overs, 24”

Cool Down:

2 Rounds, 1 minute each:
Calf Stretch


Tonight at Barbell Club, a number of athletes made personal records on their snatch AFTER doing seven sets of five back squats at 75% of their one rep max back squat. This seems counterintuitive that an athletes with what should be tired legs, would make a record on a highly technical movement. But, whatever effect the squats had on the central nervous system for those athletes worked in their favor. This was not true for everyone but the bottom line remains that you can never judge how you will or should feel on a given day with a certain stimulus. Every chance you get to push limits and do something you did not think possible MUST be embraced. 

Here is an interesting article on the history and future of CrossFit from

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