Week of 4/22/13

Monday:  Base Camp
Skill: Free standing hand stands
5 rounds for time:
30 Pushups
40 Squats
50 KB swings
Tuesday:  Bike Workout
3 Rounds:
Ride 5K, rest 4 min
Wednesday:  Base Camp
Endurance Training:
2 Rounds:
Run 1 mile
Rest 1:1
For time:
100 squats
emom suicide sprint
100 sit ups
emom crab walk
Thursday:  Swim Night
5×100, 5×75, 5×50, 5×25, last interval on each set is a sprint for time.
Sunday:  Track Rise
15 min – agility/sprint course
3x 800m, 2 min rest


Saturday Morning Base Camp!

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