Monday Base Camp:

Warm up:
5 Rounds of:
10 push ups
10 sit ups
10 squats
Broad jumps
10 minute amrap of:
6 burpees
6 lunges
6 side jumps
2 minute rest
Tuesday Bike Workout:
3 Rounds of:
Ride 2 miles north, just past the SM Pier
rest 2 minutes
Ride 2 miles back
rest 2 minutes
Wednesday Base Camp:
Warm up:
Walking froggers
Knees to elbows
Cossack squats
Walking ankle grabs
Knees to chest grab
Skill: Free standing hand stand
20 min amrap:
50 Situps
Crab walk, 100 ft
50 Jumping squats
Thursday Swim:
EMOTM for 10 minutes:
50 yards, the last is a sprint for time
Every Other Minute for 10 minutes:
100 yards, last is sprint for time
Saturday Base Camp:
Surprise Beach Workout with Zeb!
Sunday Track Workout:
12x 200m with 90 sec rest
Every other minute for 10 minutes:
Marine 25yd shuttle run (there and back 6 times, 300yd total)


Base Camp inaugural workout!

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