Fair Warning.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Jog 400 meters
10 Squats
Ankle mobilty w/band
Posterior chain flossing
Samson stretch
10 Squats


20 Minutes to establish a 1RM High Bar Back Squat

Notes:  This will be the number our future percentages are based off of.  Go heavy, use spotters and be aggressive!  On Ramp members, be sure to stay in your comfort zone.


400 meter run at 75%
Rest 3 minutes
400 meter run at 85%
Rest 4 minutes
400 meter run at 95%
Rest 5 minutes
400 meter run test!!

Notes:  Use the first 3 warm up runs as just that, warm up and build up.  Get to know the 400 meter route and  strategize accordingly.  If your 400m run takes longer than 2 minutes, only perform 2 warm up runs.

Cool down:

30 Hollow rocks
30 Arch rocks
Stretch calves
Roll out legs

Good fat!

This week is a big week with announcements, information, and a potluck!   Nutrition challenges are ubiquitous in the crossfit world and while we prefer to promote a long term approach with an emphasis on self experimentation and individual responsibility, challenges of this nature work on several levels. 

We know that the mere mention of a nutrition challenge can conjure up feeling of anxiety, excitement and a sense of  “gearing up”.  Unfortunately, most people see this as an opportunity to go completely off the rails as aggressively as possible only to use the predetermined amount of time to “get back on track”.  I’ll tell you right now, this goes against everything we believe in.  Without going into details (you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for those), here is what you do know and my hope is that you can start framing your mental space around the knowledge available to you right now.

You know our approach to health and fitness is long term and built over time by making changes and tweaks along the way. You also know change is hard, but you won’t be alone.  These challenges are successful because the bond formed over a shared experience is greater than the hurdles along the way.   Encouraging and supporting others is the name of the game.  You also know our philosophy “everything is everything” and that what happens inside the brick and mortar of PCF is a reflection of what you nurture and sustain outside in the real world.  

Whether you participate with the intention of looking better naked, performing better in the gym, or setting a new precedent for your entire family, I have an intention as well.  My intention is that win or lose, this is the only challenge you will ever need.  Not because it’s a better challenge than what’s floating out there, but because what you learn about yourself and develop over the course of x weeks (almost slipped there) become a part of who you are for the remainder of your long life!

The 201 information has been reprinted and re-formatted for your convenience.  Click on the Nutrition Guide on the left hand side!   Get familiar with it, get excited, and stay tuned tomorrow!

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