On the Eve

Monday December 24, 2012

Be sure to check the schedule this week for our limited hours!

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The first 15 minutes of class will be reserved for you to mobilize, warmup, review movement standards and set up your equipment. 

Notes:  This is not a lot of time!  Get in early and have fun!


“12 Days of Christmas!”
1. 20m shuttle run (10m out and back)
2. Snatch (115/75)
3. Muscle- ups or Ring Dips
4. Thrusters (115/75)
5. Burpees
6. Toes-2-bar or V-ups
7. Pull-ups
8. Kettlebell swings (2/1.5 pood)
9. Wall balls (20/14)
10. Handstand push-ups or regular push-ups
11. Ground to Overhead (115/75)
12. Man-makers (45/30)

-40 minute time cap-

Notes: Work your way down the list just like the song “12 Days of Christmas”:

1 Shuttle run
2 Squat snatch, 1 Shuttle run…
3 Muscle ups, 2 Squat snatch, 1 Shuttle run…………etc.

Cool Down:

Foam Roll Legs and Lats
10 Wall Extensions
Pigeon Stretch

Zeb is prepared for the 12 Days of Christmas Chaos!

What a great workout to check out our New and Improved Video Library!  Did you know we have over 200 movements in our library?  We have now included both a Quick Demo and Explanation for most videos, Safety Tips where needed, Scaling/Substituion suggestions, Mobility Suggestions, and Learning Progressions for our more advanced movements.  This will be an integral part of the new On Ramp experience and always good to review for any member!  Check out a few of the Learning Progressions:  Double Under, Clean, Snatch, Handstands, Muscle-up, Jumprope Jog.  Feel free to post an thoughts on the user experience too!

To supplement this information, we will be offering more specialty classes to introduce/review our learning progressions and approach to Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, Running, Mobility and Nutrition.

  Watch out for these and other additions to the regularly scheduled programming as we get Venice up and running!


On a completely different note, I wanted to share a little Holiday Wish with all of you from my old friend and fellow member Tanner Worth.  He trained me at one of my first server jobs in LA, at Miyagi’s on Sunset, almost 7 years ago.  He was there when I was talking big about my dream of opening a CrossFit gym, trained with me when I was just learning how to be a coach and has supported me from day one.

  Over the years, I have watched Tanner work hard to accomplish his own dream of opening a local brewery.  I have listened as they went from making their first experimental batch to receiving multiple awards at local and state competitions.  If you are interested in quality locally brewed beer, made by good people and would like to give a little Holiday gift to get the LA River Brew Co started, please click HERE.  I wish Tanner and his crew the best of luck in pursuing their dreams and will continue to hound him to develop a strong-as-possible PCF inspired Cider beer!

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