Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Make sure to wear your Halloween costume during the workout!!!

Mobility/Warm Up:
Front/Side leg swings- 30 sec each leg/direction
Assisted bottom of Squat– 1 minute
20 meter single right leg jumps
20 meter single left leg jumps
10 ‘Perfect’ Burpees
5×20 meter sprints
Super Rack– 1 min each arm 

Barbell Gymnastics:

10 x 1 Hang Clean @ 85% -Rest 60 seconds

Notes: Complete these reps using the hang position that allows you the best technique and most power. Just above the knee, mid thigh, hi hang, Make sure to set the shoulders back and weight the heels before each lift.

Kettlebell Swings (70/53)
24” Box Jump Overs
Air Squats

Notes: This should be a sprint!  Scale the workout to your costume needs!

Cool Down:
400 meter jog
3×60 seconds Plank Hold
15 Back extensions
Bottom of Squat- 1 minute
T-Spine Smash– 2 minutes 


1RM Back Squat PR!!!

In the spirit of Halloween, here are my favorite scary/gross/disturbing/inappropriate movies: 

10)  Nightmare on Elm Street (made me not want to have dreams)
9)  Texas Chainsaw Masacre (I get goosebumps when I hear power tools)
8)  Friday the 13th (I don’t walk in the forest at night by myself, FACT.)
7)  Requiem for a Dream (I wish I could go back in time and erase my memory of this movie.)
6)  Wrong Turn (My GPS is always on.)
5)  Candyman (I still can’t be in a bathroom with the lights turned off.)
4)  Seven (My favorite movie ever, but holy hell, man.)
3)  The Ring (When she comes out of the TV?  Stop it.)
2)  Jaws (I do not go in the ocean further than I can touch with my feet.)
1)  Exorcist (Really any movie that has a possessed little girl that pukes green crap and head rotates a full 360….scares the sh*t out of me.) 

Be safe and remember to not eat any candy that hasn’t been first inspected by your parents, Martina and David.

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