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Monday, October 15, 2012

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Row 500 meters
Internal Rotation Stretch on Bar, 1-2 minutes – DEMO VIDEO
Keg Drill with Bar, 2 minutes
Assisted Bottom of the Squat, 2 minutes
10 Snatch Grip Press with Barbell
10 Overhead Squats with Barbell

7 x 1 Snatch High Pull (Demo Video) plus 1 Squat Snatch @70% 1RM, rest 60 seconds between

Notes:  Scale the High Pulls just as you would the Squat Snatch.  Prioritize making contact with the hips and focus on getting the elbows high and outside, keeping the bar close to the body.  Keep the weight light enough that you have perfect form for all rounds!

5 Rounds for Total Reps:
ME Bodyweight Bench Press
ME Pullups
Rest 2 minutes

Notes:  This workout is not for time, but for total reps.  You do not need to sprint to the pullup bar after the bench press, but just long enough to write your reps down, catch your breath and chalk up your hands.  If you need to scale the bench press weight, use something that is challenging for 10 reps and use bands as needed for the pullups!

Cool Down:
10 Wall Extensions
10 PVC Dislocates
Foam Roll Lats

Downhill mountain unicycling!

I took the above picture yesterday while hiking up by County Line.  We hiked the steepest path we knew of and this guy brought his 20lb unicycle along with his helmet, shin guards and other protective gear so he could ride back down.  As we went up, I was taking mental notes about the different areas that I couldn’t imagine him passing.  Boulders, loose gravel, cactus on both sides of the path, steep drop offs on one side of the path.  You get the idea.  After arriving to the top, we enjoyed some food and the views before heading back.  I jogged behind him as he made his way down.  As ridiculous as it first seemed, I could immediately see how possible this was.  I could feel that eccentric loading on my quads as I tried to control my speed down the hill.  My eyes continually adjusting and on the look out for loose rocks and a quality foot placement.  He was just ahead of me, moving at about the same speed.  Using a small hand brake under his seat to save his legs, twisting and sometimes hopping around turns as he searched for the best tire placement.  We ran into another hiking couple at one of the challenging rocky, steep sections of the path.  As we all stood there waiting in anticipation, he dropped right into it, made it over the first little drop off and over another rock before losing his balance and falling off the bike.  You could tell that he has fallen a few times, it wasn’t necessarily graceful, but not painful.  He muttered a few words under his breath and walked his unicycle back to where we were watching.  He admitted that he was being too tentative and that he had to commit.  Without a moments rest, he hopped right back on and made it through cleanly!  This was his only small fall and with the exception of two small segments, he rode down the entire way!  Needless to say, this was quite the surprise and spectacle for the other hikers along the way.  Did that guy just ride down the mountain on that?!  How did he get it up there?!  You can imagine the reactions.  There is one more thing that makes this even more incredible.  The guy is 65 years old!

This whole experience was a powerful reminder to get out there and do stuff!  To never let age be a factor!  To do what makes you happy!  To try things that are scary and hard!  To take advantage of our natural surroundings!  Above all, to always have fun!

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