PCF Smash!

Monday, October 8, 2012

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Row 500 meters
Foam Roll Legs – New Demo Video
T-Spine Smash – New Demo Video
Classic Overhead Band Distraction – New Demo Video
Super Rack – New Demo Video
10 Front Squats with Barbell
10 Press with Barbell

Every 45 Seconds for 6 minutes (8 sets)
1 Power Clean
1 Hang Squat Clean
1 Push Press

Notes:  Use approximately 75% of your 1RM Power Clean.  Focus on making contact with the hips!  If you struggle with this from the ground, perform the first power clean from the hang as well.

Benchmark WOD!
150 Wall Ball shots for time

Midline Strength/ Cool Down:
100 Abmat Situps
Foam Roll Legs Again!


I just watched “Escape Fire” this weekend, about the current state of the health care system in this country.  The movie starts off with a story about a team of 15 smokejumpers in 1949 that are dropped in to battle a brush fire.  Shortly after they arrive at the fire, they realize the conditions are escalating beyond their control and decide to retreat to the ridge.  The wind conditions and dry brush push the fire to move along at an estimated 600 feet per minute.  The foreman, named Wagner Dodge realizes that the men will not make it to the ridge and safety in time.  The fire is moving too fast.  In realizing this, he stops, lights a match and drops it at his feet.  He yells at his men to gather around him and this fire that he has created.  Among the chaos and roar of the fire coming at them, the men either do not hear his words or they are scared and keep running.  With the brush fire nearing, Dodge crouches down in the middle of the small fire he has created and waits.  His fire burns everything around him, creating a safe zone with nothing for the brush fire to burn.  Dodge survives as the raging fire passes right over him.  In the end, all but one of his fellow firefighters are killed.  This ‘escape fire’ technique had not been part of their fire escape training, and when answering the questions of the Forest Service Review Board as to why he took the actions he did, Dodge stated he had never heard of such a fire being set, it had just seemed “logical” to him.

This story was a perfect analogy and really set the tone, not just for the state of our Health Care system, but our views of health in general!  The statistics and realities they present in this documentary are staggering and overwhelming, yet there are still answers all around us!  In listening to their search for possible solutions, I realized that we are an escape fire!  The way we all approach and live our lives is not only the best way to optimal health and fitness, but the logical solution to the spiraling health care costs in this country!  We are on the front lines of this debate and we must continue to challenge the status quo!

Check out our members spreading the good word this weekend…


Graeme (41:33), Flores (42:06) and Frank (42:21) finished with the top three times for Paradiso CrossFit at the Hermosa Beach 10k on Saturday!  Congrats to all 13 people that participated:  Sal, Genevieve, Alex K, Jay, Sam P, Martina, Jillian, Bob M, Ariel, and Tibor!  Click HERE to search the race results.


McCoy’s first official Olympic Lifting meet took place this past Saturday at Muscle Beach in Venice!  While he did not make his desired lifts, he is as committed to the sport as ever and is already planning his next meet at the end of the month.   The number of people that came out to support him was incredible!  The details of the event left something to be desired, with a broken and duct taped lifting platform, 100 year old judges and volunteers that were seemingly pulled off the Venice boardwalk.  We are more motivated than ever to develop our own Barbell Club and help grow this amazing sport!  Watch his 3rd and final snatch HERE.


Bob deserves a special mention for his efforts this weekend.  Not only did he run the 10k in Hermosa Beach on Saturday, but he also ran the Long Beach Half Marathon on Sunday (his second in a month)!  I read that the finish of his half marathon was a bit painful, but he is still fired up to continue his training and push his limits!  I can’t wait to see the GoPro footage:) 

Not pictured:  Congrats to Lesley McGurk for completing the Long Beach 5k as well!


Zeb completed his first ever, highly anticipated Sprint Triathalon alongside Zak and Scott!  Zeb will be sharing his harrowing tale of survival this week.  Zak finished in 1:05:44, Scott in 1:09:33 and Zeb in at 1:18:23!  Big Congrats to you gentlemen!

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