Watch Yourself!

Wednesday 9/26

Warm Up/Mobility:
10 minutes to perform –
Run 200m
Accumulate 1 minute bottom of squat w/ knees to elbows
10 Slow PVC Dislocates
10 x 1 Snatch Grip Behind the Neck Press (w/ barbell)
+ 1 Overhead Head Squat w/ Barbell
3 Snatches from each position (Hi Hang, Knees, Floor/Shins)


Take 20 minutes to perform and film your most technically sound Snatch.

 Notes:  Bring your camera phone to class or any video camera and capture footage of yourself!  This can be any type of snatch, but preferably a squat snatch.

10x 100 m sprints w/ 60 seconds rest. Total working time recorded.

Cool Down
Calf Stretch, 1 minute leg
10 Slow PVC Dislocates
Pigeon, 1 minute each side

Get under the bar!!!!!

It is time to break out the camera and PR. It is time to form a deeper relationship with the barbell. It is time to Snatch, watch yourself Snatch, see how funny you look and adjust accordingly.

The point of today is to the execute the most difficult and beautiful of the lifts on camera so that you can go home with something to study. Yes, I said study. The cues that we are constantly drilling with these movements tend to make better sense when you can watch yourself move and see what you are doing right and wrong and determine where to maximize power with better positioning and technique. Very often this involves seeing when you are pulled on to your toes and how early the second pull of the lift is initiated. This might sound too technical but a little bit of education on these mistakes will hit home when you see yourself making them on camera and can determine where the lift was either missed or made. This also plays to the narcissist in all of us by giving concrete evidence of our growing awesomeness as individuals and a community.

So do not be shy about asking someone to film your snatch. (Sorry I had to write one sentence that played to the high brow humor of EVERY CrossFit joke and ubiquitous T Shirt). After you are done snatching on camera, run as fast as  you can ten times. Power.

And now my weekly encouragement video…

This guy is probably the best lifter in the world. He crushed world records in London, has minions to change his weight in training, and dances in between Snatching 423 lbs at a body weight of just over 200 lbs. Enjoy.

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