Become a better Athlete!

The below video was filmed during one of our trainer clinics on Olympic Lifting. We are discussing how to answer that big question on many people’s minds: Why do I have to Olympic Lift? The video gives a list of reasons, but the short answer is that it makes you a better athlete!

Remember, we do not differentiate between being healthy and being fit.

Being fit means being able to use your body efficiently and athletically. For many of you, this means weeks and months of working on technique and mobility, but the time will come when you break through to the other side.

As if overnight, you will begin to visualize the movement better; your body will move without thinking; you will not just be going through the motions any longer, but you will face the bar ready to challenge yourself with weight or reps. We are seeing people daily that have gone from frustration to revelation. No matter where you are on your journey with these movements, we promise to continue working to provide you with the best possible coaching, resources and atmosphere to find success!

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