Future Foreseen

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hip Prep

Take 15 minutes to set a baseline for the 20 rep Back Squat.

Take 15 minutes to set a baseline for 2RM weighted Pull ups.

4 Rounds of
400 meter run
Rest 60 seconds

Cool down:
Calf stretch on Wall
Static Wall Extensions

The Lone Rower.

The 20-rep Back Squat is an old school and time honored strength and power building routine.  It is not to be trifled with, and be conservative when setting your baseline today.  You cannot rack the bar for the entire set, and once you’ve built it up towards a true 20 rep max, everything from rep 10 to 20 will feel like an agonizing one rep max.  Enjoy!


Almost ten years ago Greg Glassman created a training program called CrossFit and set it loose upon the world.  Although he is a trainer at heart and was loathe to see the future, Lauren Glassmen, Co-creator of CrossFit did in fact see it becoming a huge world sweeping phenomenon. 

Back in my CF Nerd days (still alive btw) I stumbled on this quire by Coach himself on the Main Site, posted in September 2005:

In a philosophical moment veteran CrossFitter Mike Yukish recently asked Where is CrossFit going? With increasing frequency CrossFitters are marveling at their community, perhaps unparalleled, in the fitness world, committed to excellence, service, and decency, formed spontaneously around a seed crystal of grueling fitness, and while man-made designed by no man.

I for one saw the future as Coach did:  That we are just a Cadre of Trainers who love what we do, and will affect change in whosoever chooses our path one person at a time, one good rep at a time.  That is what happens on a daily basis, our included, at over 3000 boxes.  But as time passes it is hard to not notice the global impact on the fitness industry as a whole and Health paradigms in particular as it was seen by Lauren.  CrossFit boxes are popping up all over the place like weeds, SMEs in every field are coming out of hiding to give us their training secrets, CF Nerds are experimenting with programming that has seen phenomenal gains, all taking place in a rich, competitive, high speed, and interactive environment.  Now in Zen like fashion, I see it as both.  Our forward march to Revolution is out of any one man or woman’s hands now, and is absolutely based on our daily commitment and enthusiasm.  Yes, I wish I had this years ago (I should have listened to you earlier Sean Milar) but am so excited to be a part of it now!

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