Onward and Upward

Monday, March 26, 2012

Everyone is welcome to participate in the Hash Run tonight at 7pm! Check out the details HERE!

2 Rounds of:
10 Wall Extensions
10 PVC Dislocates
Sampson Stretch, 30 seconds each leg

Junk Yard Dog warmup (below)
20 Jump and Lands with marked feet
Burgener Warmup with PVC
Burgener Warmup with Barbell
10 Hang Snatches with barbell
10 Hang Snatches with barbell from mid-thigh
10 Hang Snatches with barbell from mid-shin

Snatches can be performed in a squat or split landing position.

Workout of the Day:
Five rounds for time of:
Turkish Get-up, 45 pound barbell, 15 reps
Run 400 meters

There will be a 20 minute time cap for this workout!

Cool Down:
2 rounds of:
5 Bridge Wall Walks
Hold the bottom of a dip, 20 seconds (use a band if necessary)
Pancake Split, 60 seconds


The CrossFit Games have officially ended, but the results are not official until Tuesday at 5pm! We will keep you updated if (and when:) our team officially makes the Top 30 Regionals cutoff! We are currently 29th!!


In honor of our new Strength and Olympic Lifting nighttime classes, we will be reviewing and introducing a few protocols from Coach Burgener’s training arsenal. If you want to be successful in CrossFit and the Olympic Lifts in particular, you need to remember our prescription: mechanics, consistency, intensity. This idea can be applied to the three fundamentals that Coach B teaches for Olympic Lifting, in order of priority: stance, grip and position. The warm-up protocols above have the purpose and intent of creating consistency in these fundamentals. We will take the time to review and discuss all of these areas, but lets start with the stance.

Coach B states that 90% of all lifts are missed due to problems with the stance. When talking about Olympic lifting, we talk about the jumping and landing positions. The jumping position is a bit easier to find, just imagine someone asks you to jump as high as you can from a standing position. Where would you put your feet? Most people would put them right under their hips. There is some variety here, slightly narrower or wider, toes more forward or slightly out, but that one is not too hard to understand. The landing position or position in which you recieve the weight can be a bit more complicated. Depending upon the body type, mobility and flexbility, you have the choice of a squat stance or a split stance for the landing position. While we believe it is essential to develop a full depth squat, it is understood that some people have limited mobility and can better receive weight in a split stance. Remember, our goal here is to develop stronger, more explosive athletes through this training. If you cannot perform a quality full depth front or overhead squat, you have to work on mobilizing your limiting areas, but that does not mean that you cannot work on these lifts as well. A split position can be utilized for the clean, snatch and jerk positions and if this is the position you choose to work, your stance must be consistent! Take the time to find these ideal positions, mark the ground where your feet should be for each, and then spend a lot of time moving from jumping to landing position.

We will be practicing these movements and protocols more regularly moving forward, not just in the specialty evening classes, but as supplemental practice before regular classes. We believe the regular practice of the Olympic lifts is a powerful tool in developing overall athletic ability and hope you will find improvements in many other areas of your CrossFit training through this practice. Let the off-season training begin!

Zeb talks position

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