Breakdown for the Shakedown!

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Warm up:
Jog 800 meters
10 Wall Squats

Shoulder Prep

Three ‘build up’ sprints from the gate to the street.
Practice Muscle ups or transitions

Five rounds for time of:
800 meter run
9 Muscle ups

Cool Down:
Cat stretch on box
Pidgeon on box
Calf Stretch

Running and Muscle ups!

Behold the last day of our three day Running and something-else cycle!  The 800 meter run is just enough ‘rest’ to do 9 muscle ups well, if you can do them.  Otherwise, we’ll stick to doing either 10 Transitions per round, or 10 Chest to bar Pull ups/10 dips per round. 


This Saturday is the 2012 Winter Shakedown held at CrossFit Fast in Calabasas.  We are sending three teams of four athletes each to the comp, a total of 12 athletes.   There will be 2 Workouts and a ‘Floater’ WOD throughout the day.  Show your love in comments and let us know if you’ll be coming out to support.  Here are your teams and their heat times! 

“Ball So Hard University” 8:20, 12:30
Amy Pero
Sondra Jovel
Red Magpantay

“Tight WODs” 10:30, 2:35
Laura Hansen
Sto Halim
Brandon Young

“Team Fatstick”  10:55, 2:55
Lara Erlank
Zeb Pascual

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