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Friday, December 9, 2011

With no rest between movements, perform
5 Deadlifts with Barbell
5 Hang Squat Cleans with Barbell
5 Jerks with Barbell
5 Basic Dot Drills
Rest, add weight to the bar, mobilize as needed
5 Squat Cleans with light weight
5 Jerks with light weight
5 Basic Dot Drills
Rest, add more weight to the bar (if form is good), mobilize as needed
5 Squat Clean and Jerks with moderate weight
5 Basic Dot Drills
Rest,  add more weight to the bar (if form is good)
1 Squat Clean and Jerk with moderately heavy weight

Spend the next 20 minutes on:

Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Rest 3 minutes, then perform the following for time:

200 Double Unders, perform 5 Grasshoppers (right,left =1 rep) every time you break or miss

Cohen the Barbarian

Have you been checking the Upcoming Events?!  This weekend we have two awesome events going on and then the Holiday Party is in less than a week!

For the Next Level Invitational, we have three athletes competing in four events over the course of the day.  McCoy, Lara and Zeb will represent PCF this Saturday if you want to check it out.  If you would like to volunteer for the event, check out the comments section from yesterday for details.  Otherwise, you can go cheer them on and see what its all about…maybe even be inspired to participate in our next competition!  See the events they have to perform here and the location here.

The Winter Classic Indoor Regatta is taking place just a few blocks away!  We currently have 7 athletes competing in three different rowing events:  5k, team 5k and max meters in 2 minutes!  There is still time to join if you are interested.  You can participate in just one event or all three!  Click here to register.  Reminder:  For those that need work on their rowing and/or have to perform a rowing workout for their Newtrition Challenge, come to the Rowing Class on Sunday at 11 with Alexi!

The end of the year holiday party at Main on Main st in Santa Monica is this coming Thursday from 7 to 10pm.  There will be happy hour prices for the first hour and appetizers will be provided, so be on time!  We have the entire place rented out, so feel free to attend plus one!  If you haven’t attended a PCF party, I promise you won’t regret it!  Please RSVP to the evite if you received it or on the Upcoming Events Holiday Party post on the right side of the website.


Working up to a one rep max in the clean and jerk is something that takes time.  For those of you that are in your first few months, don’t focus on how much you are lifting, but rather how well you are lifting it!  Mechanics first!  If you focus on performing the movement well, the weight will naturally come with time.  If you only care about what you lift today, then you will eventually stall and have to go back to learn how to do it correctly anyway!  Don’t get frustrated if you don’t ‘get it’ right away, you can spend a lifetime trying to master these movements.  Be patient and come ready to learn.  Also, bring a camera to video tape yourself.  I believe seeing your movement is one of the best ways to learn.  I love watching myself in slow mo:)

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