Balance is the key

Track night tonight at Santa Monica College at 6:30pm!

3 Rounds for Quality of:

10 One legged box jumps, alternating legs

10 previous nutrition challenge champion, for having the top score in the 3rd week of the Newtrition Challenge!  Looks like she’s not done improving yet, check out her scorecard here!

There are still 5 weeks left in the epic NEWtrition Challenge!  Stay strong and adjust your plan as needed.  Remember, this is not about making it to the end of 8 weeks or even winning the challenge, but creating a sustainable way of living and educating yourself!  If you have fallen off the points bandwagon, you can still win a weekly challenge, as well as the most improved athlete.  Keep up the good work!


Have you ever tried the 10 minute squat test?  We often utilize a shorter version in the warm up or cool down, but we should spend more time in this ‘primal chair’ position.  Kelly Starrett from Mobility Wod thinks you should perform this at least once a month.  Check out some of his video links on the topic, here, here and here.  Watch, learn and give it a try.  The simple stuff is the best.  Enjoy!

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