Toe the Midline

Track night at Santa Monica College tonight at 6:30!

For Quality:

Burgener Warmup with PVC

5 Strict Pullups

5 Strict Knees to Elbows

10 Wall Extensions

20 second Sampson Stretch each leg

Burgener Warmup with Bar

5 L Pull-ups

10 Split jerk

10 Kipping Knees to elbows

10 Hang Clean

10 Back extension

Load up, then perform

Three rounds for time of:

95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps

15 L Pull-ups

95 pound Split-jerk, 15 reps

15 Knees to elbows

95 pound Hang clean, 15 reps

15 Back extensions, with 25 pounds

Hold 25 pound plate or dumbbell to chest for back extensions.

Rest as needed, then perform

3 Rounds for Quality of:

Max Double Unders

Max Push ups

Today is another highly technical workout, so for those that cannot perform the movements properly or safely we will be focusing on your positioning and mechanics.  If the overhead squat is difficult or painful for you to perform, you are not alone!  I could not perform an overhead squat or snatch for the first 4 years I was in CrossFit!  I had some type of impingement and the nerve pain was ridiculous.  After working mobility and performing the shoulder prep literally hundreds of times, I can now overhead squat 185lbs!  These stories are not uncommon.  Zeb’s hand used to go numb when performing the overhead squat, but through practice and slow progression he no longer has that issue.  We must not be stubborn about our limitations, but rather honest and patient.

For those that cannot get into a quality overhead position, we should not be loading up a barbell and reinforcing poor positioning, but rather working on finding proper positioning with a load that we can handle.  Yes, that may mean using a PVC pipe or lowering the intensity for that particular movement.  Below I will list a few suggestions for todays workout:

Overhead squat– Perform the movement with a light bar or PVC pipe, focus on maintaining good form and positioning.  Take your time and fight for good positioning on every rep, don’t worry about the time.  This will still be tiring at 5 rounds of 15 reps!  Your other option, if you want to work a weighted movement, could be to perform front squats for the workout and work your mobility before and after the workout.  Check here for a great mobility wod for the overhead squat position.

L pullup– Work on your strict pullup if you do not have that strength yet.  Scale the reps so you can maintain quality form and range of motion, and use an assistance band if necessary.  If you choose this option, you can also add in hanging L-sit work or any variation supplementally at the end of the workout or at the end of your strict pullup sets.  Watch the above video if you have any questions on what to do here.

Split Jerk– The biggest problem here is people that cannot get into a quality overhead position while maintaining a neutral spine.  Again, we should not avoid the position completely, but rather work in a progression at a lighter weight and focus on form rather than how fast you are going.  Feel free to substitute strict presses or push presses here at a lighter weight to maintain more control.

Knees to Elbows–  Work the kipping swing and linking the repetitions together.  If you cannot touch your knees to your elbows, then create a measureable standard for yourself, ie, knees to triceps, knees to armpits, knees above waist level, etc.  Don’t just swing your knees up wildly, remember your end goal is to actually touch your knees to your elbows.  Always feel free to lower the reps and perform strict knee raises if you would like.

Hang Clean–  The biggest impedement here is for athletes that cannot attain a quality rack position.  Here is a mobility wod for that exact problem, you know who you are!  Scale the weight and stay safe on those wrists.  Another great option is to use dumbbells rather than a barbell to create a more stable wrist.  For the rest of you, warm up thoroughly, focus on your footwork and scale the weight appropriately.

Back Extensions– Watch the video above if you do not know how to perform this movement and to review the substitution.  If you are new to the GHD machine, you can perform this workout without any weight.


Learn to love the pain!

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