Moving Weight

With a partner, and with a 30 minute time limit:

Lift 10 Tons (7.5 tons for the ladies) from ground to overhead anyhow.

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10 tons = 20,000 lbs

7.5 tons = 15,000 lbs

Only one athlete working at a time.  Every 5 minutes one athlete must run 200 meters and perform 10 pull ups.  You may use any combination of load and reps to get the job done. Squat clean and jerks or Squat snatches count for 2 reps each.

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Some ideas include:

148 reps of 135 lb Clean and Jerk equals 10 tons.

267 reps of 75 lb Power snatch equals 10 tons.

158 reps of 95 lb Clean and Jerk equals 7.5 tons.

273 reps of 55 lb Power snatch equals 7.

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5 tons.


Can you name them?

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