Week One Winner!

For Quality:

The “Classic” CrossFit Warmup

15 Overhead Squats

15 GHD Situps

15 Hip Extension

15 Pullups

15 Dips

Sampson Stretch

Rest as needed, then perform

Five rounds for time of:

Run 200 meters

7 Muscle-ups

Run 200 meters

7 Handstand push-ups

Run 200 meters

30 second L-sit hold

Run 200 meters

20 One legged squats

CJ 45:15 (freestanding parallette hspu), G 46:36, Zeb 55:58 (strict hspu, above 90 degree Lsit)


Congrats to our Week 1 points leader with 118 points:  Jackson goes primal at Disneyland over the weekend.

The above picture reminds me of a classic problem…people want to find an excuse for not being able to eat well.  Besides being at Disneyland, here are a few more classic examples: birthday party, going to Vegas, friends were in town, travelling a lot for work, and my favorite, Thanksgiving and the holidays.  The list goes on, but the reality is that it is only a matter of priorities.  I personally don’t like to use the term “cheat” day, because it implies guilt; that I am doing something I know I should’t do.  Why would I consciously do something I shouldn’t do?  We need to change the way we see and interact with food.  This is a relationship for life and we have the ability to make educated decisions!

Be unafraid to order a burger with no bun, even if you are back home with friends.  Be unafraid to say no to stuffing at Thanksgiving dinner, even though its family tradition.  Be unafraid to pass on a birthday cake at a friends party.  Be unafraid because you have reasons for making your decisions.  We do not want our relationship with food to be based on guilt or eating well just to balance out our bad days.  We want to be healthy inside and out.  I am reminded of the Ghandi quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” If you want to be healthy, and you want your family and friends to be healthy, thats nothing to be ashamed of!

We talk about nutrition as the foundation of our athletic performance, but it is really so much more.  Food is where we should spend a majority of our money.  Eating food should be one of the highlights of our day, everyday.  Food and the future of food should be a common topic of discussion.  Homes should be built around the kitchen and dining areas, not around the living room and television.  We should all know how and make time to cook our own food.  This is the future we are working towards and a future we should all be excited about!


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