The End Goal

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

rest 5 minutes, then perform

As many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

Double Unders

20 Arch Rocks every time you stop or miss a double under


The above video can be seen on our new and improved PCF Nutrition Blog!  Check out what Jamie and Assassin have been working on, find recipes and ask questions!


I have been enjoying watching the gym become envigorated by the Newtrition Challenge!  People are working on their weaknesses, spending time mobilizing and talking about their nutrition with enthusiasm.  This is the purpose of any challenge!  The workouts gain meaning, the information gains value and your performance feeds off of the competition.  I understand the Newtrition Challenge is not for everyone, but I do believe everyone should have something in their lives they are training towards.  As CrossFitters, we should be testing ourselves, getting outside of our comfort zone and continually learning.

For example, this weekend, a bunch of us are heading out to Las Vegas for the Ragnar Relay.  There will be 2 vans, 12 people, and almost 200 miles from Lake Mead to the Vegas Strip.  We did not train specifically for this event, but we were confident enough in our training that it was something that we could not only complete, but something we would enjoy!  This is the type of life that we should be living all the time!  Train hard in the gym and then get out and see your training in action!

A great example is my friend and old regular at the gym, Peter the Climber.  For those that are going to Joshua Tree next weekend, he will be our primary guide and instructor.  He trains with an obvious purpose.  Check out a few pics below in his PCF gear…


I love the picture on the right.  He was showing a moment when one of his legs sank waist deep into the snow.  Guess how he got out…a pistol!  Those moments are the best, when you can see your training materialize before your eyes.  When you perform something that previously seemed impossible!

Whether you are training for the Newtrition Challenge, an upcoming Marathon, or climbing Mt. Whitney, we can help you get there!  Keep working hard and keep challenging yourself to go farther!


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