Let the games begin!!


Day 1 of the challenge and I couldn’t be more excited! I hope everyone is prepared for what will be an amazing experience. As you can see, the nutrition blog is undergoing somewhat of a transformation as well. Being that today is the start of a new chapter in most of your lives, nutritionally, I thought it would be the most appropriate time to vamp up the site and make it more user friendly. Keep in mind that I’m not a computer nerd so you may see some F-ups with the layout from time to time. No worries though, things can be fixed.

In addition to the sexy new look of the blog, Assassin and I will be posting paleo recipes in addition to NEW zone-specific recipes for those of you out there who have chosen that path for this challenge. Assigned reading will be posted to further your education about nutrition and health and all things that we believe are worth knowing in order to obtain optimal performance (mentally, nutritionally and physically).

We will be posting a series of “How To” videos covering topics such as:

  • What you’ll need in your kitchen to cook better than Gordon Ramsay
  • How to sear a steak
  • How to properly cut veggies, etc… safety first kids. : /
  • Whatever else the ninja and I think are important and helpful to you!

Please refer to the “Resource” tab for more information on how to take advantage of the meat, produce, fish oil and Brian’s Bowls services that we offer through the gym. They are fantastic and will help you get the most out of this challenge.

If you need a “fresher-upper” on the guidelines for paleo and zone, please refer to the appropriate tabs. As the week progresses there will be more additions and changes made to the blog, so don’t freak out and stab your steak if you see something missing. It will take a couple tries to make the blog perfect.

As always… if you have questions, please ask!

Your’s in the kitchen,

Assassin and Jamie

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