The Man in the Mirror

Review and Perform the Burgener Warm-up

Spend 15 minutes finding 1RM Hang Squat Snatch, with quality form of course!

Rest as needed, then perform


21-15-9 reps for time of:

Overhead Squat, 95lbs


Rest as needed, then finish with

Tabata Arch Hold



I will get the entire Frogman compilation video up as soon as I can!  For now, I want to share one of my own experiences.  One of the workouts was a 5 minute amrap of 155# squat snatches.  I completed one rep, with 11 missed reps.  Although I wasn’t happy with my performance, this is the reason that I compete.  The top athletes completed around 20-30 successful reps…glaring hole in my abilities anyone?  I was fortunate enough to have video of the entire 5 minutes and I watched it frame by frame that night to see what went wrong.

The ability to see the movement and break it down is invaluable.  My first assumption before watching the film was that I wasn’t jumping the bar up, or not extending my hips all the way, but what I saw was much different.  I actually jumped the bar up pretty well, it was the pulling of my body under the bar that I lacked.  I wasn’t catching the bar with locked out arms.  This is most likely something I have been doing for a while, but with a lighter weight, I could correct this by muscling out the extenstion of the arms and saving the lift, but not when the weight is heavy and not after having performed a couple workouts already that day!

So Wednesday, armed with this new information, I decided to work on my squat snatches and really pulling myself down under the bar fast.  It was a breakthrough day!  Actively pulling myself under the bar was the missing link to my snatch!  Zeb had mentioned in previous months that I wasn’t under the bar fast, but seeing myself made all the difference.  We need to utilize all of our senses and tools that we can in order to improve.  We should listen to multiple coaching viewpoints, watch high level as well as beginner athletes, and watch ourselves on video!

In today’s warm up of hang squat snatches, use your camera phones, or bring in a camera and video tape yourselves!  You might be surprised what you see and how you can improve your movement!


Payne is ready!

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