3 Rounds for Quality of:

9 V-outs on Rings

7 Deadlifts, increasing load each round

5 Strict Pull overs on the bar

Rest as needed, then perform

Five rounds for time of:

185 pound Deadlift, 15 reps

15 Toes to bar

Jenn Jones 6:27 (135lb DL), James Hobart 9:14



Starting tomorrow, Track Night is changing to Wednesday nights and we are also adding Monday nights!  The location is Santa Monica College at 6:30pm for both days.

Running is important!  If you haven’t read This same phenomenon occurs at the Manhattan Beach Sand Dune)

Unfortunately, the most common question I receive about the track night classes is, “Does it count as one of my classes?”  My answer is almost always, “Go to the class!!”  I am more interested in you finding the beauty of running and its benefits than keeping track of how many classes you have gone to this week!  If you are curious, then go!  The people that have made a habit of going have not only increased their running efficiency, but have been noticeably better at performing ALL movements.  The main guy behind the POSE running method, Dr. Romanov, talks about this as the perception of your bodyweight.  That does not mean that all “good” runners have good movement, I’m saying that working on POSE running and body awareness develops better movement, which includes running.

So for all of you that hate running, want to get better at running, struggle with bodyweight movements, coordination and complex movements give the running class the ol’ Pepsi Challenge!  We would love to have even more classes moving into the future, including swimming classes and the development of an Endurance Team!




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