Dining Out

5-4-3-2-1 reps for quality of:

Squat Clean, increase load each round as long as form is good

Handstand Walk 20′ or perform 20 Shoulder Taps

Rest as needed, then perform


Eight rounds for time of:

185 pound Front squat, 5 reps

26 Ring push-ups

Adam Condal 29:08 (155#)


Beware, this is some real nerdy Paleo stuff, but highly recommended!  Listen and watch Mat Lalonde, Phd in organic chemistry, discuss his perspective on Paleo.  Viewing time is over an hour, watch here.

In implementation of the Paleo diet, we advocate that people cook the majority of their own meals, but we know life is not always that simple.  I wanted to share a few of my “go to” places for quality food and thought maybe you could share a few of your own ideas in comments below!

Chipotle – Fast and affordable.  Check out their website and pull down the little tab at the bottom and you’ll see that they are focused on some of the same things we are!  Local produce, naturally raised animals and I’m down with anyone that recommends reading Michael Pollan.  My go to meal here is a burrito bowl with double meat (barbacoa/steak), double guacamole, and shredded lettuce, thats it!  They never know how to ring me in, so it varies from $8 to $13.

here.  Build your own burger bowl and enjoy!

Mendocino Farms – Located in the same mall area as both the Counter and Chipotle, the salads here are bomb, they are also supporting locally grown produce.  Nice portion sizes, I generally build my own with extra steak and avocado.

Pitfire Pizza and Grill – Another classic PCF hangout due to its proximity to the gym, I exclusively order their steak salad.

A-Frame – This place is a step up from the previous listings, but the pricing is still reasonable.  Designed as a picnic style restaurant, prepare to share table space with others and sharing with your friends.  Their menu is designed around their fried chicken, I know what you’re thinking, but each bird is brined for 24hrs, then rotisserie cooked, then flash fried to order, leaving the best crispy skin ever!  There are lots of great menu items here, but I especially love their Thai style clam chowder made with coconut milk instead of cream.  I almost forgot, they are open until Midnight!

Waterloo and City – Directly next door to A-Frame, I hit them up for their late night happy hour menu for homemade pates, cured meat plates and other quality eats.  Check out their late night menu from 10-Midnight.

Marla’s Cafe – What a discovery this place was!  Located on Abbot Kinney outside the crowded strip area, this place is fantastic.  Family owned and operated, you will probably get to meet Marla and most likely be served by her son.  The selling points here:  they are BYOB, simple elegant food that is reasonably priced, the dining area is actually outside but covered and arranged with lots of nooks to add more intimacy, and always delicious soups and specials.  Both their pork tenderloin and filet mignon are delicious, and the sauteed mushrooms on the side are a must!

Sotto – This is the only place that is not located around the gym, but I must tell you about it!  This was by far my best meal of the year (both times I went).  They serve traditional southern italian fare, and even though we avoided the pastas and pizzas, we still managed to enjoy ourselves;)  We enjoyed octopus, mackerel, fennel encrusted pork porterhouse, braised lamb shoulder, sardines, meatballs, and a whole orata fish (yeah, with the head).  The food is out of this world, one of those places that every bite you feel the need to exclaim, “This is delicious!”  If you’re feeling social, ask if Chef Steve is available and tell him you’re a member at Paradiso CrossFit.  He used to be a member himself!


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