….now back to our regularly scheduled program.

“Crossfit Games Masters Chipper”

For time:

10 Handstand push-ups

20 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball to 10′ target

30 Toes-to-bar

40 Power cleans, 135 pounds

50 Burpees

60 Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75 pounds

Scott DeTore 12:13, Kelly Guillory 12:44 (14lb ball, 95lb clean, 55lb SDHP)

Post time to comments.


Ohhhhh the burn!

I’m so happy so many of you have opted in for our weekly produce service.  I know some of you are still struggling with what to do with the bounty that has taken over your fridge and some of you are cooking more than you have in your lives and needing recipe ideas.

 And some of you are still trying to identify items.  Granted, wild arugula looks very different than the stuff in bags at Trader Joe’s.  We do have a nutrition blog (look to the left and it’s there under “How do I start”, and then click the link at the top) that has been so graciously managed by Jamie Gilbert.

 There you will find a ton of recipes and links to other great sites devoted to paleo and cooking food in general.  I also Google anything I’m not sure what to do with (artichokes, anyone) and usually find plenty of ideas.  I will also be posting a list on the refrigerator of all the items ordered for the week (halvsies, you might not get all of them).  Please remember to return your bags, especially if you were donated one, and get your name on the list before Sunday night.  If you want to be on the list every week, just indicate “auto” by your name.

 Pick up is anytime after noon on Wednesday (sorry, the time it takes to sort it all out has doubled!)  I recently came across another great paleo site called Fastpaleo.  I loved this blog post. Enjoy!

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