Its in the Air

4 Rounds not for time of:

5 Squat Snatches, consecutive (touch and go), hold the landing position and the finish (overhead) position for a second to stress proper positioning and balance

Rest 30 seconds

Max Plank Hold on Rings

Rest as needed, then

5 Rounds for time of:

21 Turkish Getups, 45lb barbell

Run 400 meters

Post times to comments.


We have had a lot of positive comments on the new programming!  There have also been a few questions about what we are doing with the main page, so I feel a quick clarification is in order…

Our gym will operate on a one week delay from the workouts.  The programming you have all been enjoying this week has been created by either Zeb, G or myself as we wait to get back on their cycle.  We will resume the workouts this Sunday, starting with this workout and moving forward.

We chose to do this for a few reasons.  The primary reason is what you have all been experiencing this week, our programming of supplemental movements and mainsite rest days will vastly improve.  We will also be able to get the post up sooner to allow you to study movements earlier and prepare for class.

When we do go back to the mainpage, we will continue to post supplemental warm up and cool down information on the blog.  There is also the consideration for our busier class times, such as weekends and evenings.  Checking the website in advance will be important as we can communicate when heats will be running, scaling recommendations and other pertinent information of the day (PIOD:)


Jenn D!


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