games wod

Don’t forget the entire weekend schedule is the same but all class times are open gym.  Your entire coaching staff is at the Olympics of Fitness, The CrossFit Games.  We have a contingent of enthusiastic and committed L1 certified members to help you until our return.

For time:

15 Foot rope climb, 5 ascents

145 lb Clean and Jerk, 5 reps

15 Foot rope climb, 4 ascents

165 lb Clean and Jerk, 4 reps

15 Foot rope climb, 3 ascents

185 lb Clean and Jerk, 3 reps

15 Foot rope climb, 2 ascents

205 lb Clean and Jerk, 2 reps

15 Foot rope climb, 1 ascent

225 lb Clean and Jerk, 1 rep

Don’t forget pants or long socks!

Scaling Suggestions:

-For those that don’t have a good climb on the rope yet, you can practice your anchor and move up as high as you feel comfortable instead of the cieling.  You can perform successful anchored holds for a couple seconds in place of climbs, you can also perform rope lowers or substitute 5 pullups for every rope climb if you are unsure of what to do.  Watch the rope climbing tutorial here.

-The ascending clean and jerk weight is more for the advanced athlete, if you are just learning the technique, don’t worry about the weight so much as your movement!  Keep the weight light and just perform 6 reps per round at this consistent weight.  The workout would look like so: 5 rope climbs, 6 C&J, 4 rope climbs, 6 C&J, 3 rope climbs, 6 C&J, etc.  Remember there is a difference between a Power Clean and a Squat Clean!  And don’t forget the
split jerk versus the push jerk!

Warm-up Recommendation:

2 rounds of:
-Run 200m
-Row 200m
-then, DROM, don’t forget the wrists!
-then, the following:
-15 seconds Sampson Stretch, each leg
-15 Front Squats with the bar you will use for the workout, focus on a good rack position
-15 Shoulder Presses with bar
-15 Broad Jumps for Distance
-15 Clean and Jerks with bar

-then, practice your rope climb variation and find your appropriate weight for the clean and jerk!

Cool Down Recommendations:

-Stretch wrists for 60 seconds, use the wall or the floor
-Sampson Stretch 20 seconds, each leg
-Cat on Box Stretch, 60 seconds
-German Stretch, 30 seconds
-Standing Pike, 60 seconds (forward bend)

-Seated Straddle, 60 seconds


Where is everyone hiding?

The first WOD of the CrossFit Games was an epic event unprecedented in our history.  A 250 meter ocean swim, followed by almost 2 miles of soft sand running, chest to bar pull ups, hand release push ups, and almost two hundred air squats.  We’ve long had a hypothesis that it was only a matter of time before swimming would be introduced to the competition for the title of World’s Fittest.  The upcoming Frogman CrossFit Challenge will answer this invevitability.  If you’ve ever wondered what a CrossFit comp would look like with swimming, register now!  All levels welcome.

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