Mob Hit

Three rounds for time of:

Run 800 meters

Rest 2 minutes

Post time to comments. Compare to 1/24/11.


This is the second edition of the Shoulder Prep video, now with speaking!  This video, among many others can be found in our Video Library.

Mobility and postural issues are rampant among CrossFit athletes.  Most commonly we see trouble maintaining a proper lumbar arch in the low back and trouble with the overhead position for the shoulder.  Do not despair!  These issues can be improved with a little time and effort!  Have you ever noticed that MobilityWOD link on the left side of the screen?  There are tools at your disposal and advice a plenty if you are willing to do the work.  I asked Arin Babian to talk about his recent experiences with this issue and he kindly obliged.  Please enjoy and feel free to be motivated…

Overhead Squat, Snatch, anything with weight over my head with proper form sounded like a painful nightmare, but on July 14, The Waiter walk. That was the one. When the second group started the workout and began passing me I had to make a decision.

Diso and I had talked about my shoulder immobility in great depth. He had obviously noticed my issues and shared his own from when he began his Crossfit journey. “A little everyday will make a big difference” “Two steps forward, one step back, youre still getting better” Blah blah blah. I need a quick fix, but there really isn’t one.

The Waiter Walk. It was really pathetic. Humility made me revisit my discussions with Diso. I started watching the videos for shoulder prep, Wall extensions, and I spent a lot of time on The header on this page said, “Every human being should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves” It’s true, because like Diso said “a little everyday will make a big difference” I started coming in to the gym a little earlier or on open gym times. I spent between 15 min to an hour at times (with some breaks to talk about chicks, alcohol, and Crossfit) on some basic moves and stretches. We belong to a great gym and have access to some awesome videos. The tools are really all right there.

July 18. Overhead Squats and Double Unders. I didn’t Rx but I’m happy to say my first pain free overhead squat. Four days ago I couldn’t even hold a 45lb bar without being in agony.

July 22. Wall balls and Squat Snatch. As I drip sweat into my eye ball, Dying cause I can’t breath, I hear Zeb “Nice job Arin,” “Good Form”

Eight days? I’m not a 100% but that fix was a lot quicker then I thought.

Thanks Guys!!!

IMG_9501 Arin has seeeen the light!


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