Go Mental.


1000 meter row

45 pound Thruster, 50 reps

30 pull-ups

Post time to comments.  Compare to 4/30/2011



Captions please…..

What do you tell yourself when that little voice in your head tells you to “stop”?  How do you stay mentally in the game when the voice in your head is stuck on repeat with things like, “it’s too hard”, “it’s too heavy”, “it’s taking too long”, followed up by more frustration and concluding with some sort of negotiating.  I’ve seen people totally lose their shit during workouts and all I could think was, “that took so much energy!” I was discussing this with someone the other day and I believe this sort of mental focus is a skill just like efficient double unders or any number of crossfit movements.  The supremely conditioned body is of little value without the right frame of mind.  To be clear, I’m not telling you to ignore your body if something isn’t feeling right, I’m talking about that little voice mid-workout that says, “I so want to quit right now, maybe if I just walked over here and got some water, or maybe more chalk would help.  I wish I wore my other shoes for this workout…”  We’ve all come into a workout with some sort of emotional upset, or a nagging injury that consumes our brain thereby diminishing our physical efficiency.  Where your head is at matters, and granted, some days are better than others when it comes to focus.  Distractions are bound to get the best of us, but choosing to leave them at the door is a sign of mental toughness.  For me I always have a plan I try to execute to keep me focused, whether it’s  x number of reps to be done unbroken, no staring at the bar, 5 breath rest rule, etc….for those 5 minutes or 50 minutes, I’m in a mental and physical workout.  When you find your mind wandering, how do you bring yourself back?

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