Essential Elements


3 Rounds for time of:

Run 400 meters

1 1/2 Pood Kettlebell Swing  x  21 reps (or 55 pound dumbbell swing)

12 Pull ups


The fresh air (and Cassius.)

Because I know you guys love reading about this stuff on Saturday morning, here are some of the essential elements of science, as told by Jeff Glassman:

“Science is the application of the Scientific Method, which comprises

I:  FOUNDATIONS;  Language, Logic, Mathematics

II:  DISCOVERY;  Observing, Measuring

III:  CREATIVITY;  Modeling, Predicting, Designing Experiments

IV:  VALIDATION;  Experimenting, Confirming”

From this Main Site Rest Day debate.

We’re big on Defining Terms (FOUNDATIONS) before Observing and Measuring because meaningful discussion cannot take place without agreeing on definitions.  And so everything we talk about (fitness, health, functional movement, strength, etc) has very specific criteria, refined and honed through years of clinical data.  Even the use and definition of the word ‘Science’ is not agreed upon by all.  So the best CrossFit can do is offer up definitions of our own, and then move foward, regardless of the right or wrong of the definition itself.  That’s it for now.  See you guys at beach volleyball.


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