Too Oh Won

“San Francisco Crippler”

For time:

30 Bodyweight Back Squats

Row 1k

You may run 1 mile instead of rowing but it will be called the “Newport Beach Crippler”

Post times to comments.  Compare to 5/11/10.


Zeb has been giving the 201 class now for almost 6 months to an audience of about 2-4 people each class.  Every time I have the pleasure of watching him deliver this information, I am reminded about how lucky we are to have him as a coach.  There are probably a handful of individuals on this planet that have as deep and well versed knowledge of CrossFit.  Our videos may not be professional yet, but I want to get this information out there.  If you haven’t attended the 201 (or the original 101), we’re bringing it to you!  This information may not get everyone as turned on as Zeb and myself, but this will be a starting point for all of those that want to try and explain to your friends and family what we do over here and why we are not your normal gym!

Over the next few weeks, we will be bringing you all parts of the 201 class.  The topics will include:  the 3 models of fitness, the definition of health, the definition of fitness, the 4th curiosity, and nutrition talks.  For future reference, they will be archived in the Video Library.

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