Unhealthy relationships

“She called that Sh-t!”

For time:

Run 800 meters

Snatch, 30 reps

Run 800 meters


Pat’s snatch practice (and killer shorts)

For Paradiso CrossFit’s first year or so, I was responsible for all rest day programming.  It got to a point where I would base my WODs on the previous cycle and it strangely began to mimick Main Site’s actual next WOD.  After this pattern continued over and over again, Diso ‘accused’ me of having an unhealthy relationship with Main Site and that perhaps I would like to share the rest day programming load with him and G?  Of course it was a great idea, and I needed a break.  And now, with uncanny precision, G has predicted the Workout of the Day to the exact movement and rep!  Also, unless my own forays into Main Site are mistaken, I do not remember them ever, EVER repeating a three day stimulus before.  Main Site nerds reading this, please let me know if I’m mistaken.  Let’s do this!

Don’t forget our CrossFit 201 tonight at 6pm.

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