Hard Work Pays off

I’m a day late, but I just wanted to say congrats to everyone who participated in the IWC Challenge. I’m so excited to see how going paleo/zone has transformed all of you! There are so many great benefits to eating clean food. The goal of this challenge was to help your mind/body get accustomed to eating clean so that you could reap the benefits of being stronger, faster, and healthier.

Before this challenge started, I was eating mostly paleo. Mostly meaning no gluten/dairy/soy because it makes me super sick. BUT…I was consuming way too much sugar (fruit, dark chocolate) trying to compensate for always being hungry.  For this challenge, I cut all of those sugars out. Haven’t had one chocolate bar, fruit occasionally (not everyday) and I can totally feel the difference. I have lost a little bit of mid-belly softness, I’m not savagely hungry between meals and I have found that I sleep sooooo much better when sugar is absent in my diet. I have also gotten significantly stronger. Little by little lifting more and more weight. So many PR’s since the challenge started.

Food has some crazy effects on the mind/body. I would love to hear your experiences, struggles, victories, PR’s, epiphanies with the challenge. On that note, take some time to celebrate your accomplishments. Keeping it clean, of course!

I celebrated last night with a little bit of this goodness… 🙂

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