So Little Time


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:

15 ft Rope Climb, 1 ascent

Run 400 meters

Max rep Handstand push-up

Post number of handstand push-ups completed for each round to comments.

Remember to check out the Video Library for movement standards and progressions!

Holy Crap!  Sectionals are coming to a close this week, but the action keeps on coming!

Check out the upcoming events:

-Fight for Air Climb this Saturday, downtown LA, racing up the 60 story AON building!

-The Malibu Trail Run of Death this Sunday!  We have 25 people confirmed already!  If you haven’t done so, please confirm via email, facebook or comments below so we can send you the race day details!

-IWC Final workout this Monday!  The conclusion of our 8 week challenge is upon us!  A few people have already performed their workouts and made amazing improvements!  Good luck to all the participants!  Winners will be announced shortly thereafter!

-More Beach Volleyball coming up!  Saturday, May 7th, 1pm at Mast St in MDR.  The party keeps getting bigger!

-American Ninja Warrior tryout at Venice Beach on Monday, May 16th and 17th!  This is legit, if you are interested in trying out, let me know!

IMG_8522 The tall men at work


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