More marathons, CF Games Open, and other stuff

Overhead Squat 1-1-1-1-1

Front Squat 1-1-1-1-1

Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1

Try to increase the load on each of the fifteen sets.

Rob Orlando: 255lb OHS, 385lb FS, 485lb BS


Greener pastures…

To follow up Diso’s epic Midnight marathon journey, his lovely wife Martina, along with Layla and Hilary will go for it as well at the LA Marathon this Sunday!  Ask at the gym for details on helping and cheering.

This Saturday, Zeb Pascual (me), Brandon Young, and Lara Erlank (yes, the same one that ran the marathon with Diso) will be competing in the Frogman CrossFit Challenge in Corona.  This is the first CrossFit event to my knowledge that involves swimming in their workouts.  3 WODs in one day,  each with swimming in them, promises excitement for spectators, pain for the competitors, and fun for all involved.

Congratulations to all who came out and completed the first CrossFit Games Open workout yesterday.  If you’re itching to do it again, our plan is to hold the Open WODs not only on their prescription day but on Saturdays from 10 am to noon.

As such, the CrossFit 101 class will begin at noons for the duration of the CF Games Open.

If you’re in the IWC Challenge and are confused about the food, come to our CrossFit 201 class this Sunday at 6pm to get the lowdown.

Finally, good news and bad news.  Good news is Chris Mello, our friend and Oly Lifting class teacher, has accepted an offer to commit full time to the new CrossFit818 in Glendale with our other great friend Z Amirian.  Bad news is, we will no longer have the fun, junkyard dog Olympic Lifting classes anymore.  Best of luck Chris!  We wish you prosperity and success, and will definitely be box jumping to your location soon.

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