They’re Coming……….

“Death By 10 Meters”

Run 10 meters the first minute, 20 meters the second minute and 30 meters the third.  Continue to run an additional 10 meters until you can no longer finish the prescribed number of meters within the minute. Score is complete rounds and meters run in last round.

Post scores to comments.

Today marks the first day of the Open Sectionals for the Crossfit Games.  For the next six weeks, every Tuesday at 5 pm a workout will be released and competitors have until the following Sunday to perform the workout and submit their results online.  Each workout will have it’s own set of standards with specific variations for men, women, and masters.  You may choose to do the workout as many times as you like, however, the time you submit must be validated by PCF or another affiliate, in other words you will have to be judged.  For those of you who haven’t signed up, what are you waiting for?  We want everyone to sign up for this!!  You will be doing the workouts regardless, so you might as well take the plunge.  Too scared, busy, intimidated, can’t do it rx’d, waiting for next year??  Just do it.  Isn’t that what we tell our friends who come up with the same excuses when we tell them to try crossfit?  To register, click here. Once you’ve submitted your info and payment, search “Paradiso Crossfit” and click “join” to be part of the team.  You’ll be glad you did.

Since a lot of you will also be judging your fellow PCF’ers please watch the video (wmv/mov) so you know what is expected of you.

Day one of the “IWC” down……..let the cleanse begin!!


Someone’s sure excited for the Games!

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