WOD #3 from UTC Challenge:

3 rounds for time: (20 min cut off)

11 Handstand push ups

11 Squats

11 Push press/jerk (95#/65#)

200m plate run (45#/25#)

11 Snatch balance (95#/65#)

11 Toes to bar

11 Burpee box jump (24″/20″)

200m plate run (45#/25#)

Post time to comments.



A big congrats to everyone who battled it out today!  So much heart, grit, and “junk yard” aggression, you all were awesome to witness.  So many stories sure to be shared over the coming week, some of my favorite moments were Diso man- handling those 55# dumbbells, and McGee making a 315# clean and jerk look easy, and Garrett cranking out pistols like a machine, and Smidty who dug deep in his first ever crossfit competition, and on and on……way to represent all of you!  Feel free to share pics and comments. RESULTS are coming!


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