Winter Wonderland

3 rounds for time of:

Run 400 meters

30 Overhead squats, 75 pounds

21 Pull-ups

Chris Spealler 9:18, wod demo wmv/mov

Happy New Year everybody!  I missed you guys while I was gone and I can’t wait to get this year under way!  You’re going to have to stay on top of all the extra curriculur activities we have going on, so be sure to check the Upcoming Events board by the water fountain and sign up with our “Gym Members and Friends” Facebook Group for regular updates on events and activities.

For starters, tomorrow begins our two week intensive series with the Muscle-up.  Warm-ups, rest days, and everywhere in between, we will be breaking the movement down and building those neural pathways!

The Ultimate Box Jump Event at Mammoth Mountain! The nice people from CrossFit Thousand Oaks have invited us to come along for an epic weekend on Friday, February 11th to Monday, February 14th.  They have negotiated group rates for both lodging and lift tickets.  Currently, Mammoth mountain has more snow than any other peak in the world!  Don’t worry if you have never been skiing or snowboarding before, most of the CFTO members attending have little to no experience.  Ever wanted to try snowshoeing, tubing, cross-country skiing or take a gondola ride to the top of a mountain for a coffee and burpees?  Come play in the snow…check out this information on Mammoth Mountain area.


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