…and I just can’t hide it!

Clean and Jerk 5-4-3-2-1-1-1

Rest no more than 20 seconds between reps in multiple rep rounds.  Rest as needed between sets.

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What’s up everybody!  We will be initiating some exciting new changes at the gym coming up for the new year!  So your heads don’t explode, we will be releasing this information slowly over the next week.  We have based these changes on your requests and our desire to provide you with the best coaching possible.

The intent of the videos is to address common faults, movement standards, show possible variations and communicate important information.  We will keep the videos short and sweet and gladly be taking volunteers to demo movements in the future!

The number one request that we have received over the past few months is to have more specialty classes for olympic lifting, running, gymnastics, etc.  The first manner in which we will address this issue is by having two week intensives on a certain movement or series of movements.  Starting the first monday in January, we will be focusing on one of the more infamous monsters:  Muscle-ups.  A frustrating movement for many, there is the pull, the dip, the transition and the false grip to learn.  Throughout the week we will incorporate different drills that are relevant to the muscle-up in warm ups and the rest days during that two week period will include muscle ups as well.  This process will repeat every two weeks, allowing us to focus on and break down the more challenging movements.

Outside of these two week blocks, look forward to pose running clinics and Dusty from CrossFit Dogtown hosting a 4 hour gymnastics seminar!

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