10 rounds for time of:

15 ft Rope Climb, 1 ascent

95 pound Back squat, 29 reps

135 pound barbells Farmer carry, 10 meters

Begin the rope climbs seated on the floor.

Karianne Dickson 28:33 (65lb squat, 95lb carry), Kevin Montoya 39:38 wmv/mov

Rope Climb variations for any skill level wmv/mov

Watch a ten minute video on the differences between the high bar and low bar back squat vimeo


Big Bear Lake, 2.5hr drive away

Ok, so maybe I am a bit concerned about doing 290 squats, but fuck it right?  This is what we train for!  This is the type of workout that is a bit difficult logistically, but the type of thing you will never get to try at another gym.  We don’t often tout the fact that we do the mainpage WODs, but it is something special.  It is one of the best expressions of CrossFit out there, and yet there will always be movements and skills that you will need to develop outside of that programming.  Look at the ten general physical skills: cardio/respiratory edurance, stamina, strength, speed, flexibility, power, agility, coordination, balance and accuracy.  Focus on your weaknesses!  In other words, if you were to stand in front of a hopper with random tasks to be drawn at random for you to perform, think about what you would hate to see come out.  That is what you should be working on!  So maybe I won’t be able to walk for a few days, but I’m sure I’ll come out the other side stronger.

I also have the fact that I registered for the UTC CrossFit Challenge this January 29th!  Signing up for a competitive event is a great motivational tool to eat well and train hard.  In case you are curious, check out their standards for an intermediate athlete vs an advanced athlete.  Also, if this date doesn’t work for you, there is the OC Throwdown happening January 15-16th.  The men’s slots are filled except for the Masters division, but the women’s is wide open!  If you’re thinking about it…just do it!



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