“Lumberjack 20”

20 Deadlifts (275lbs)

Run 400m

20 KB swings (2 pood)

Run 400m

20 Overhead Squats (115lbs)

Run 400m

20 Burpees

Run 400m

20 Pull ups (chest to bar)

Run 400m

20 Box jumps (24″)

Run 400m

20 DB Squat Cleans (45lbs each)

Run 400m

Mat Frankel 21:21, Heather Bergeron 23:18 (193lb dead, 1.5 pood KB, 83lb OHS, 24″ box, 30lb DB)



Caroline showing no pain.

Have no fear, this one’s a doozy but we will have several scaling options for you.

“Cherry Picking”-definition

One who looks at the WOD and decides to come to class based on the exercises.

Let’s face it, it happens.  The stuff people like best, that’s what they do.  Whatever they hate or suck at, they avoid.  It’s easy and they get to stay in their comfort zone, and as a result  they have a biased fitness.  Crossfit is working on “constantly varied” movements in order to illicit a broad range of fitness. Cherry picking defeats the purpose.  If you like going heavy, high rep stuff will kill you, if you like running only long distances, you’re going to be slow.  Cherry picking can also put you at risk for overuse injuries and muscle imbalances by training the same things all the time.  Bottom line, don’t do it and just show up.

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