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Run 5K

Here is our 5K map.

Austin Malleolo 20:01, Karianne Dickson 21:07


Keep going!

It’s the infamous 5K Run.  People notoriously and mysteriously tend NOT to show up to the gym for this WOD.  And we don’t blame you.  Living in our neighborhood, there are a ton more beautiful places to do it.  So if you’ve got a favorite spot or route, go for it, and please post times to comments.  (I will be drilling and running with the 10am class)

Meanwhile, if you do plan on coming to the gym, we’ll be covering the philosophies and concepts of the POSE running method, and well as reinforcing basic drills.  These three videos are the best I’ve seen so far from the good doctor himself:

Part One:  wmv mov

Part Two:  wmv mov

Part Three:  wmv mov


It’s day 10 of the SWITCH challenge!  How’s everyone holding up so far?

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