The Mind Game

400 meter Walking Lunge

Kristan Clever 8:35, 382 steps, Kim Malz 9:15, Graham Holmberg 10:24, Rebecca Voigt 10:36, 376 steps, Bonnie Weinberger 13:09, Katie Hogan 14:31. Post time and number of steps to comments.

Scaled version:  200 meter Walking Lunge


Ben Hopkins.

Walking Lunge video wmv mov

Good Lunges:

Eyes and Chest up.

Push off forward heel instead of back leg.

Step through intead of stopping with each step.

Trailing knee ‘kisses’ ground.

Step forward at slight angles to maintain stability.


Bad Lunges:

Rounded back and/or leaning.

Pushing off leg with arm (attempt to compensate for a weak posterior chain)

Knee out in front of the foot on the leading leg


Fascinating stuff from IMG:  Talking to Yourself and The Mind is Primary by Trevor Moawad, IMG.

Ben Hopkins is back.

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