Complete as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes of:

245 lb similar athletic ability.

There will be a CrossFit 101 at eleven o’clock am; also this Saturday.

Because our Grand Opening will likely coincide with our one year anniversary in September, Saturday, July 24th will be our ‘Soft Opening.

‘  We will have a WOD at 10am, then Happy Hour around 5pm-ish at a heretofore undisclosed location.  The WOD on that day will be the vaunted ‘Inventory 2.0’ 

For those who don’t know the story, our soft opening WOD for the old box was a brainchild of diso’s named ‘Inventory’ wherein the athlete used every piece of equipment in the gym, including sandbags, paralletes, and a punching bag.  Because our new gym is triple the floor space and quadruple the cubic space, ‘Inventory 2.

0′ promises even more variance, grandeur, and ridiculousness.  The Soft Opening is for members, members’ family, and anyone who supported us on our original Inventory opening.


“The Ethic of the Peddler Class.”  by Frank Chodorov, Ludwig von Mises Institute

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