The Obsession

Although we’re ahead of schedule, there are still last minute things we have to do to make the transition complete so we’ve decided to cancel all classes for today!  We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.  But we’re also overwhelmed with gratitude for those of you who put out over the weekend to transport equipment and also to those who felt left out of ‘Moving Day.’ 

So please feel free to drop by the new gym today to swing/climb on the new 15′ tall ropes, do GHD work, row, drop weight from overhead (you know, to test the concrete foundations. hehe..), OR hang and play on what is probably the most ambitious, outrageous, enormous, ridiculous, and awesomest (thanks to Traver and Malzones vocab), in-house built, pull up bar structure I’ve ever seen in any box, anywhere, including old-school gymnasiums. 

Gigantic in scope and spectacle, spartan in it’s simplicity and function, vast and confounding in it’s possibilities, diso and I tossed ideas around for weeks before the pull-up bar gnome invaded his mind, robbed him of faculty and reason, and gifted him with a singular, obsessive, fanatical vision of Paradiso CrossFit’s new pull-up bar monstrosity.  He tore into the gym (the old one) and, his sanity gone, drew this on the white board:


He explained to us that it was to have 3 heights (6, 7, and 8 feet), sectioned off so as to allow for not only pull-ups but also flying pull ups, pull overs, glide kips, high bar work, etc.  No strangers to obsession, G and I gladly volunteered to teach classes, thus allowing for diso to commit fully, like a mad scientist, to his new baby.  So we leave him to his devices for one day, and he sends us this:  


That’s one man, after one day.  Upon seeing this I was struck by the enormity of how fast this was happening, and how utterly powerful not only the structure would be but also of what the structure represented.  You see, the vision of what the pull-up bar was in diso’s head was more real to him than the incomplete skeleton of pipes and connectors in the picture above.  No person or thing, not even me or the people who helped, carried more leverage or gravitas to him than his beloved brain-child.  So we carried on, and after 3 days of hammering, sawing, cutting, fortifying, driving, testing, measuring, kipping, swinging, and repeating, it is my honor to present to you the monstrosity, The Obsession, the new Paradiso CrossFit pull up bar! 


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