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Snatch Balance 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

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Watch these athletes perform the movement:  Andy and Spencer Hendel, Chris Spealler and Eric O’Connor, Brendan Gilliam and Tanya Wagner.


The man.  The myth.  The nerdThat’s right all, Zeb starts full time today!

Do you notice in the videos above that the athletes are not pushing the bar up, but rather shoving their bodies underneath the bar?  Watch the sequence that each of these athletes works through as they build up in weight.  Comfortable position on their back, hands set, feet set, big breath held and GO!

In the Olympic lifts you will hear us talk about pulling yourself under the bar.  The snatch balance will help to train that speed and commitment needed to accomplish a good Olympic Lift.  You will not be pushing that bar over your head, rather pushing your body under the bar and catching it overhead.  This is a skill transfer exercise that will help you improve your cleans and jerks as well.  You have to be aggressive and confident!  Watch Coach Burgener discuss the third pull here.

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