Introducing the Puhlayo Market

5 Rounds for time of:

50 Wall Balls

25 Pull ups

Post times to comments.


The steely glare of the Assassin

No one knows where she came from or what her real name is, but her presence can be felt throughout the gym.  She is the secret assassin and luckily, she is on our side.  With her help, we will be having weekly deliveries of fresh, local, seasonal produce and select items.  The delivery will be every Thursday.  We only ordered for the first ten people for this week, so if you signed up yesterday, it will not be delivered until next week.  Check out the board for an example of how much you will be getting for just $25, its rather impressive.  From fruits to squashes to lettuce, we will vary it up from week to week, hopefully adding in things like coconut milk, eggs, nuts and olive oil soon!  Stoked!  If you are new to the cooking world, we will be exchanging recipes and helping each other out…cooking parties anyone?  This will be much easier once I get the discussion forums up on the site, but for now, we can pass it along on the comments section, email, or on the white board.  Remember to bring your own reusable bags for pick up and thank the assassin…if you dare.


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