Come On Down

Run 5k

The path is here. Know it.  Live it. Post times to comments.


In the midst of my covert training regimen

Something else you should get to know is the POSE method!  This is definitely one area we have been deficient in training.  Running is a skill just like lifting, rowing and climbing, and it requires coaching.  Understanding the concepts of the POSE can help you begin to change the way you think about running.  Instead of thinking, this sucks, this sucks, I wish this would end, running sucks, you can think, pick my feet up off the ground, quick, quick, land on the ball of my foot, dammit, stay upright, these thoughts are much more enjoyable.

Here are a few video clips explaining the POSE:

Intro to the POSE technique, part 1 (wmv/ mov)
Intro to the POSE technique, part 2 (wmv/ mov)
Run Corrections (wmv/ mov)

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