The extent of camaraderie and support

Rest Day


Athletes from CrossFit LA, CrossFit Culver City, and Paradiso CrossFit converge to train and party for Rico’s birthday

“The high levels of camaraderie among the athletes is rare in sport. CrossFitters celebrate the successes of other competitors. Many share strategies, and even actively cheer on their rivals.”

– CrossFit Games Site

This unusual but most welcome camaradierie is apparent not only in competing athletes during WODs but also between geographically proximal CrossFit boxes worldwide.  CrossFit Pacific Coast recently finished their first Central Coast Gathering, as did the boxes in Santa Cruz for the Santa Cruz Affiliate competition.

Our own Matty Aporta came upon a different kind of affiliate support by which different boxes support and champion the other in Brisbane.  Read on here.

On the micro level, we’ve had athletes chase the times and performances of athletes they’ve never met only to discover a fast friend in their rival.  Indeed, some of the greatest people and friends I’ve ever met are those with whom I’ve shared the field and gym with in the heat of this journey we call CrossFit.

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