Crossfit 194
Rest Day Madness.  One of the greatest and most memorable Rest Day Team WODs ever.


Yesterday’s WOD saw a great deal of breakthroughs in the Overhead Squat.  Rico, Matty, Sondra, Mike Velasquez, Diso, Peter, and myself each ‘found’ the OH Squat in our own way during the WOD and rode it out to completion.  These breakthroughs were on one hand integral to finishing the WOD in the most efficient manner possible, but on the other hand nothing less than outstanding personal triumphs for even the most seasoned athletes.

We offer our congratulations and most profound gratitude to you, the athlete for entrusting to us if even for one hour your capacities, fitness, and health.  We are hard pressed to convey how much we love and cherish this work.  The opportunity to train and coach such fine people as yourselves who chose everyday, and through great pain, to take control of your quality of life is something very rarely found in other professions.  Athletes of Paradiso CrossFit we salute you, and live free this rest day!

Courtesy of Matty Aporta – “Normal kid meets a Powerlifter.” (Warning explicit language)

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